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SOKIEI sewing machine
SOKIEI sewing machine
Automated computer sewing machine
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Sewing samples
Mechanical display
Mechanical display
Professional R & D automation computer sewing machine
Automatic sewing equipment, Mitsubishi computer pattern machine, the
brothers section of the full range of computer tricks
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Choose the four major advantages of SOKIEI
Machinery is complete,
industry experience
  • Professional production and sales of automated computer
  • sewing company Have a professional production technology
  • workers, skilled, team and skilled technical staff
Machinery is complete, industry experience
SOKIEI Core Products
Production needs modified
  • Mitsubishi computer pattern machine, brother models computer
  • pattern machine, special pattern machine The company can be
  • modified according to the production needs of factory customers special
SOKIEI Core Products Production needs modified
Business around
the world
  • Our business around the world, mainly for a variety of
  • handbags, footwear, toys, luggage Clothing denim, mobile
  • phone sets, belts, sofas, sporting goods, and other sewing
Business around the world
A good after-sales
  • One-stop service for customers to save intermediate links
  • redundant resources costs, shorten the product procurement
  • Perfect after-sales service, 24 hours a day in a timely manner
A good after-sales service
Dongguan SOKIEI sewing machine CO.,LTD is research and development.production and sales of industrial sewing machine manufacturer.with a professional engineer team,experienced staff.
Perfect management system,high quality Products used in handbags,case,leather goods,shoes,garments ,sofa,golf,car ottomans.
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