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Sewing machine common 4 big problems

In the sewing process using the sewing machine, there are sometimes irregularities in the speed of the movement of the cloth and the short duration of the stitch. The material is moving around by feeding the teeth and the presser foot with the forward delivery, therefore, when the clothing appears the irregular movement, it can be concluded that the teeth and the pressure foot has failed or improper pressure regulation. For example, the presser foot pressure is too small. Pressure does not tight cloth, it will cause to move irregular. At this time as long as the pressure screw down to shake the clothes. Press the foot is too high, can not suppress the clothing, will cause the clothes to move around, or do not move around, adjust the first presser foot wrench lift, loosen the guide screw, then press the foot from the top to move Press the foot and the needle plate to adjust the distance to 7-8 mm after the height, then tighten the screws, and then use the car.
There is also a reason, because the teeth screw loose, running around the teeth caused by shaking, so that clothing can not move forward regularly. The method is to remove the needle plate, the two teeth screw tightened, tightened after the needle plate installed, check the teeth on both sides, whether the edge of the needle plate with a friction, if friction, will cause noise and weight Phenomenon, then only to remove the needle plate, loosen the teeth screw, adjust the tooth position to the middle of the needle plate slot, tighten the teeth after the screw, and then install the needle plate.
2, clothing is not to move forward
Clothes moving around by the teeth, when the clothing does not move around, only in the teeth to find fault. If the teeth are too low, the cloth can not move forward. Adjust the nose when the first pull up, will lift the teeth of the cranked screw release, and then the teeth with a screwdriver gently lift, so that feed teeth to the exposed 0.8-1 mm can be, it is also the level of teeth Of the standard size, as long as the adjustment to this position, clothing can be normal to move. Finally, tighten the screws, when the screws, the same should pull up the nose.
3, clothing back and forth
Sewing clothing, often there will be clothing to move back and forth, that is, one step forward, but also to the phenomenon of a step back. This is due to send the teeth caused by too high, the teeth exposed needle plate plane is too high, the teeth are always exposed outside the needle plate reciprocating movement, resulting in clothing to move back and forth. Adjust the teeth when the teeth to turn the teeth, the teeth with a screwdriver down the pressure, so that the feed teeth reduced to the standard height, that tooth exposed needle plate 0.8-1 mm size, and then tighten the crank screw.
4, clothing back
In the sewing workpieces sometimes appear to not move forward cloth, but to move the direction of the operator, that is, clothing to the back. This failure is due to the upper shaft crank and cam eccentric screw angle is not right, the reason why the teeth can move forward rhythm, entirely by feeding cloth cam toggle. Because the cam itself is eccentric, so that the teeth before and after the toggle, and the fork and drive the shaft and the brackets, to promote the teeth before and after the reciprocating movement. It can be seen that the eccentric position of the cam is very important.
Upper angle of crankshaft and cam screw. As long as the cam screw and the shaft crank angle to 260-300 position, the clothing will not be back. When adjusting, pull the head back cover down, you can see the feed cam, insert the screwdriver into the inside of the case, loosen the feed cam screw, and then turn the screw into the 260-300 Position, and then tighten the cam screw.
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