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The working principle of computer tricks

Computer tricks are common for us to use, so that customers know the use of computer tricks working principle or structure.
The whole machine includes the upper shaft, the lower shaft, the spindle, the needle bar, the thread take-up mechanism, the tangent mechanism, the hook mechanism, the feeding mechanism, the material feeding mechanism and so on, and there are about 600-700 parts. The entire mechanical system structure is complex, high degree of precision, the assembly quality requirements are high.
The working principle of the computer pattern is described as follows: The crank connecting rod mechanism mounted on the upper shaft sends the fabric to the needle, and the needle is stabbed through the fabric and the thread passes through the fabric. The tangent mechanism cooperates with the control system to complete the automatic tangent function. The pressing mechanism ensures the friction of the feed, and the feeding mechanism plays the role of moving the cloth. When the needle from the lowest point to the rise, the upper line due to the formation of blocked ring, in the process of rising, hook line hooked to the line before and after the separation, and the bottom line formed an intertwined knot, Slowly rising to the highest level, began to slow down, then the upper thread relaxed, the bottom line tension, so that the intertwined knot down, until the line knitting in the fabric, complete the stitch.
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