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What is the place where the patch machine is used?

We should be very clear that we are in the process of garment production, many times are to have our clothes to use the pocket of the sewing, then this time how should we choose our patch machine? In fact, our kind of equipment in the clothing industry is often used, and its advantage is able to even flat sewing and knitting two processes can be completed step by step, greatly improving our work efficiency.
Now we are in the garment industry in the back of the jeans after the pocket or our shirt pocket suture is commonly used in our patch bag machine, because it can be our work more efficient, as well as in some garment processing The process of some of our irregular shape of the site of the suture will use it.
Now we are the main role of these bag machine and the use of occasions are very obvious, in fact, it is mainly used in our sub-clothing industry, a lot of time we are not easy to sew or sewing a lot of trouble when we need it to complete These jobs.
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