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Computer pattern jumper problem

In the use of computer tricks in the process, will inevitably encounter jumper problem, summed up the computer pattern jumper has a continuous jumper, thin jumper, seam jumper three fault characteristics.
Computer Pattern Jumper Cause:
1. Needle plate on the pinhole wear is too large, the sewing machine needle is too thick, the bottom of the pressure foot wear or pressure foot pressure is too small.
2. The quality of the needle is too bad or the needle can not bend normally.
3. Needle is too high, hook no line ring, sewing material sewing machine needle between the three with improper.
4. Press the foot pressure is not enough, the needle is too thin, hook line and other parts of the serious wear and tear.
Computer pattern machine jumper solution:
1. Replace the needle plate and fine needle, press the foot or adjust the pressure foot pressure.
2. Replace the needle or straighten the machine.
3. Directly adjust the height of the computer pattern machine needle.
4. Adjust the presser foot pressure, replace the needle, replace the parts, repair.
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