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The difference between computer tricks and ordinary sewing machines

1. Sewing quality is high.
The entire process are electronic control to complete the computer pattern sewing machine stitch material beautiful, high quality sewing quality.
2. Easy to operate, effort.
As the automation process is high, computer tricks can reduce the difficulty of operation, to facilitate the operation of customers effort and convenience.
3. Reduce the mechanical parts configuration.
Computer tricks with electronic control, reduce the mechanical parts configuration.
4. Sewing range is large.
Computer tricks can use the general sewing machine can not complete the process, you can use a computer tricks to use multiple processes.
5. Can complete some of the ordinary sewing machine difficult and can not complete the function.
For example: automatic reinforcement, pattern zoom, scissors, speed and other functions.
6. Wide use.
Computer tricks are widely used in bags, handbags, clothes, leather goods, textiles, Velcro, sports sports equipment, seat belts, gloves, shoes and other products difficult process.
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